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cyber tracker
Another Innovation From Africa »
Cybertracker for Tracking Animals Classic Inventions | SABLE Accelerator Network
cat scan
Another Innovation From Africa »
CAT scan the 1979 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine | SABLE Accelerator Network
oil from coal
Another Innovation From Africa »
Oil from Coal Classic Inventions | SABLE Accelerator Network
Another Innovation From Africa »
Dolosse is used in great numbers to protect harbour walls from the erosive force of ocean waves | SABLE Accelerator Network
kreepy krawly
Another Innovation From Africa »
Kreepy Krauly the swimming pool vacuum cleaner | SABLE Accelerator Network
pratley putty
Another Innovation From Africa »
Pratley Putty Classic Inventions | SABLE Accelerator Network
speed gun
Another Innovation From Africa »

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A trusted knowledge network of global South Africans providing mentoring and consulting services to South African companies, entrepreneurs, and institutions seeking to fund or commercialize innovation, as well as enter, grow, and partner in worldwide markets


The SABLE Accelerator connects entrepreneurial organizations with highly qualified, highly connected South Africans in Silicon Valley.

consulting services

From market entries to licensing, distribution, or technology commercialization strategies, SABLE experts can assist at any stage, from launch to exit.

new opportunities

New venture starts in South Africa have the opportunity to connect with our mentors or utilize our consulting services to take their business to the next level.

Featured Mentor

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Larraine Segil
Partner Emeritus
Vantage Partners

"Larraine is looking to guide new business ventures through mentorship and linkages to strategic partners"

Featured Innovator

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Nikolas Jankovich
TWERLY Street Lights

"Nikolas is looking for potential partners and funders to take TWERLY to the next level in providing off-grid lighting and derivative applications"

News and events

Outlook for Innovation in 2015 survey | SABLE Accelerator Network

SABLE Helping South African Entrepreneurs Abroad
Thursday 03 Sept 2015

SABLE is helping to turn South Africa’s Brain Drain into Brain Gain by propelling the best and brightest of South African talent to succeed. To learn more about SABLE's activities, please read our presentation »



Thursday 26 May 2016

The SABLE Network in the San Francisco Bay Area will co-host a gathering of its members and friends at the law offices of Wilson Sonsini....
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