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South Africans have long thrived abroad and developed influential positions in trade, commerce, finance, education, research, science, technology, medicine, law, and public service. Others have excelled as professionals, entrepreneurs, athletes, entertainers, artists, authors, playwrights, politicians, academics, economists, and leaders in non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

We invite you to join The SABLE Expert Network, an elite group of South African expatriates living abroad who remain loyal and positively predisposed to their country of birth. Team with other South African luminaries in advancing South Africa's nation building agenda, socio-economic imperatives, technology transfer ambitions, and global competitiveness goals.

Our online membership group and community of highly qualified and experienced global South Africans provides inspiration, guidance, and assistance to the nation's entrepreneurs and innovators. We use a secure, cloud-based platform to host professional profiles, present areas of knowledge and expertise, enable live engagement and networking, as well as enable:

  • Connections/introductions
  • Referrals/recommendations
  • Insights/guidance/contacts
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Speaking or lecturing
  • New venture funding or financing
  • Donations or contributions
  • Board member participation
  • Internships or training

Sponsors & Partners

Take advantage of the opportunity to tap into one of South Africa's most important sources of competitive advantage-its distributed knowledge capital and high-net-worth asset base worldwide. Connect with global South Africans who are potential investors, referral sources, counselors, board members, trainers, lecturers, public speakers, instructors, and academics. Start a dialogue with an untapped brains trust that could potentially relocate or retire back in South Africa and contribute immeasurably to the development of a new generation of highly competitive South Africans.


Mentors & Consultants

Share your wealth of knowledge, expertise, and insight with South African Entrepreneurs looking to develop globally competitive businesses, products, and services. Register today to raise your hand and offer advice, consulting services, professional advice, and much needed solutions to grow the visibility, opportunity, and growth of South African businesses.

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Start-Ups & Entrepreneurs

A community of proud, experienced, and well-placed South African expatriates are ready and available to mentor, consult, and assist you and your business. There will be a wide range of connections and services you can access through SABLE aimed to assist you and exceed your global competitiveness goals.

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