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On a global level, SABLE will use a cloud-based community mentoring platform to aggregate a wide range of trusted, expatriate South African assets with domain expertise in idea incubation, venture funding, corporate financing, international trade, business development, accounting, tax, law, M&A, IP licensing, marketing, distribution, pricing, training, compliance, and governance.

Using the SABLE Expert Network, innovators in South Africa will be able to identify, approach, and engage with a wide range of resources that offer:

  • Business planning, forecasting, and needs assessment
  • New venture model refinement and validation
  • Country-specific insights and capabilities
  • Industry-centric knowledge
  • Life stage-focused consulting
  • Diverse domain expertise
  • Public and private sector access
  • Investment, merger, and acquisition assistance
  • Go-to-market advice and recommendations
  • Partnering and distribution development
  • Trade and commerce introductions
  • IP licensing and intellectual property protection
  • Financing and investment services
  • Capital investment and early stage funding
  • Consulting across all functional areas
  • Marketing campaign execution – fully integrated, multi-channel programs
  • Crisis containment and issue management
  • Compliance, governance, and regulatory insights
  • IP licensing and technology commercialization
  • Advisory board roles, mentoring, and coaching
  • Introductions, linkages, alignments, and referrals

The SABLE Network operates to quickly advance business starts and expansions of South African entrepreneurs and business leaders, technology transfer offices of universities, and corporate R&D departments. Our business model allows for a multitude of fee and consulting structures, including:

  • Initial pro bono evaluation
  • Advances against line-of-credit
  • Fees for consulting services
  • Referral and introductory commissions
  • Revenue share arrangements
  • Equity trade-outs
  • Performance-based compensation

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