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June 08, 2020

Ethanol Or Gas Why an Ethanol Fire Pit is your First Choice



The market for different types of fire pits today is vast. There any many factors that need to be considered before purchasing a fire place for the home. Two similar types of fire pits which come in behind the popular wood burning type are, both the ethanol and gas fire pits.

There are many great advantages of ethanol fire pits and here are some of the top reasons why an ethanol fire pit is your first choice. 

Ethanol is Clean Burning

Ethanol or Bio-ethanol is an environmentally friendly fuel source. Unlike natural gas which is causes havoc on our environment due to fracking. It is renewable energy and produced from the bio products of plants such sugar cane, rice and corn.


Bio ethanol burns clean, it doesn't product toxins, smoke, soot and even smell. Perfect if you would like to have your fire pit inside or you are sensitive to air pollution. There's no need ventilation as it will release only small amounts of carbon dioxide in to the air.

Simple installation

Ethanol fire pits in comparison to gas fire pits are easy to install. Gas fire pits require a hardline to get natural gas to your home. Hence, the position of a gas fire pit is going to be fixed and professional installation will be required.

To install a gas fire pit, a professional will need to deal with the placement of proper venting, pipe setup, checking the pressure from the main natural gas supply and the installation of the fire pit itself. Ensuring no leaks occur is also going to be vital for the subsequent use of the fire pit. With  an ethanol fire pit, you will eliminate most of these steps.

The process of installing an ethanol fire pit is user friendly and uncomplicated. Simply unpack the fire pit, insert the burner and place fire pit into position. Many models are designed to function as stand-alone pieces. In such instances, you will simply need to position the fire pit where you want it to be.

Portability and Versatility

Ethanol fire pits are considered a portable unit, they’re something you can relocate with ease. You can sit by the unit in your living room during the winter  or simply move it to your balcony on a mild spring evening.

In the event of you moving your place of residence, you wont have to leave your beloved ethanol fire pit behind, as it can be re-positioned with ease.

Quite often, these units are crafted from strong light-weight concrete composites, which give the fire pit such portability and versatility, yet do not compromise on its structural integrity.

Once again, the gas fire pit is most likely installed in to a fixed position and just doesn't have the features and freedom mentioned above.



The ethanol fire pits are the economically friendly option in comparison to gas fire pits. Ethanol fire pits do not require professional installation by a professional. This results in there being no requirement for any on going professional servicing. Instead, you  simplify need to purchase the product and the affordable ethanol fuel.

These factors are the big costs which display that value for money of ethanol fire pits in relation to their more expensive counterpart; the gas fire pit. With all the added benefit from its portability, versatility and environmentally, its obvious which of the fire pits is more affordable and low maintenance.