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The international partnership group, The Sable Network LLC (SABLE), is dedicated to helping South African entrepreneurs, new venture start-ups, academic institutions, and companies commercialize technology innovations, promote and protect intellectual property, fund new business concepts, finance growth, as well as expand into global markets.

A core group of SABLE founders and consultants is based in Silicon Valley, the world’s premier destination for new venture formation, incubation, funding, accelerated growth, liquidity and technology partnering, or licensing. These individuals, all born, schooled, or raised in South Africa, have global business and life experience, are based in North America, and offer a wide range of capabilities and professional competencies. Among them:

Business Modeling







Business Development

Venture Funding

Talent Sourcing

Legal / IP protection

Accounting / Tax / Auditing

Global Resource Network | SABLE Accelerator Network

The main target market for SABLE services and mentoring support are innovators, new venture start-ups, emerging growth companies, middle market players, as well as research institutions, universities, and property rights holders seeking to commercialize and monetize their IP offshore.

South African innovators will be able to engage with a community of expert global South Africans who have knowledge, expertise, influence, and access abroad. These experts will profile and present their credentials online and specify whether they wish to consult, mentor, coach, speak, lecture, invest, or serve on the board of a South African company, institution or non-profit cause. They will have the option to provide pro bono coaching and mentoring services, and/or offer consulting on a fee-for-service basis.

SABLE partners include South African government departments, regional trade and commerce agencies, parastatals, banks, investment advisors, venture capitalists, technology and communications service providers, infrastructure operators, commercial real estate developers, shipping and logistics companies, as well as professional service firms.

SABLE advisors and academic faculty include a wide range of successful business leaders, international domain experts, educators, venture capitalists, consultants, authors, professional service providers, government representatives, advertising and marketing gurus, trade and commerce experts, as well as non-profit innovators.